On August 23rd, a new "Samosel Season League" was launched, the main organizer of which is the Finnish StarCraft II influencer Samosel. There's also a bunch of Finnish StarCraft II contributors to assist. League games are typically played online and Friday, Saturday and Sunday are selected as the days of the game. Tournaments in the Samosel Season League are divided into different levels as follows: Bronze Silver and Gold Leagues on Fridays Platinum and Diamond Leagues on Saturdays The Champions League games are played in the final with bo5 and other rounds in bo3. The season lasts for approximately 11 weeks (the equivalent of the StarCraft II season), with the top three points picking up the prize pool. Points will be awarded to the top 4 / tournament.
1 = 4P
2 = 3P
3 = 2P
4 = 1P

Few goals

Our first goal is to get the Finnish SC2 players and the community together to have some fun and compete with each other.

Our second goal is to give newcomers of all levels and veterans the chance to win a bigger prize.

voluntery casters will be accepted


samosel Season League Tournaments 


Fridays at 7:00 pm - Bronze, Silver and Gold leagues tournament

Saturdays 3:00 pm - Platinum and Diamond League Tournament

Sundays at 5:00 pm - Master- GrandMaster League Tournament.

samosel Season League -turnaukset

Perjantaisin klo 19:00 - Pronssi-, Hopea- ja Kultaliigojen turnaus

Lauantaisin klo 15:00 - Platinum- ja Diamond-liigojen turnaus

Sunnuntaisin klo 17:00 - Master- GrandMaster liigojen turnaus.